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Health security of borders to be improved by new measures to prevent spread of coronavirus

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 11.8.2020 15.38 | Published in English on 12.8.2020 at 12.00
Press release 182/2020

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, more measures will be targeted at travellers arriving in Finland from so-called high-risk countries. These include an official quarantine order or a requirement to take a coronavirus test. The matter is currently being prepared as the aim is to introduce rapidly a new operating model.

Some passengers will be required to test for coronavirus, but the test does not mean that self-isolation is not necessary as the person may be falling ill later. During the flight, travellers arriving in Finland from so-called high-risk countries will be informed of the pending measures in Finland. 
In addition, airlines must identify those who have departed from a high-risk country and fly to Finland via a safe country. This will be helpful for instructing them correctly and guiding them to take the test and practise self-quarantine.
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is currently planning how to implement operating practices in cooperation with the regions and other authorities. The new operating model will be gradually introduced regionally throughout the country. Until then, targeted inspections will be carried out on persons coming from high-risk areas and official quarantines may be ordered already now.  Also self-quarantine is still valid for all those who have travelled in high-risk countries.


Director-General Tuija Kumpulainen, [email protected]

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