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Client at the core in the digitalisation policy for the Ministry’s administrative branch

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
6.10.2016 13.40 | Published in English on 7.10.2016 at 16.14
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The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has published a digitalisation policy for its administrative branch.

The key policies affecting digitalisation of services and functions in the branch are outlined in the publication Digitalisation in support of health and wellbeing – the digitalisation policy for the administrative branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 2025.

The policies include both general policies affecting the whole administrative branch and more specific policies applying to selected focus areas, such as healthy workplaces and promotion of health and wellbeing. The publication also describes how digitalisation will affect management, operating cultures, structures as well as equality.

Services are provided with the client in mind

The core idea in the digitalisation policy is that in future services are client-oriented and provided in combinations that meet the client’s needs. Information and services are produced in collaboration between citizens, communities and companies.

Full utilisation of digitalisation requires major changes to the current operating environment. Digitalisation changes the world and the service provision environment at fast pace. It involves not only technological changes but also an extensive transformation of operations, processes and management. It can also generate significant cost savings.

The policy contributes to full utilisation of digitalisation

The digitalisation policy describes how to make the most effective use of digitalisation and what kinds of measures this requires from different operators. The policy was drawn up in collaboration with the agencies in the Ministry’s administrative branch.

“A key objective in the digitalisation policy is to increase transparency in the multifaceted developments in the field of digitalisation and to make digitalisation easier to approach and manage,” says Jukka Lähesmaa, Senior Specialist at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The now published policy is based on the government programme’s objectives concerning digitalisation of public services and support for digital business operations. The digitalisation policy is also part of a wider process of updating the Ministry’s strategy. Next the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will be planning the implementation and follow-up of the digitalisation policy.

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Jukka Lähesmaa, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 63139

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