Our vision is to create a cohesive society and sustainable wellbeing

We have selected five strategic goals to achieve our vision.

Reaching these goals requires long-term work to improve people’s everyday lives and our modern welfare society, in line with the Government Programme.

Our five strategic goals are:

  • active inclusion of people;
  • integrated services and benefits;
  • safe and healthy living and working environments;
  • financial sustainability; and
  • wellbeing amidst the ongoing transformation of work.
Active inclusion of people means:
  • active and responsible individuals;
  • non-discrimination and a sense of community; and
  • personalized promotion of health and wellbeing.
Integrated services and benefits mean:
  • reduced inequalities in health and wellbeing;
  • comprehensive social security that encourages individuals in all circumstances; and
  • needs-based, effective services and benefits.
Safe and healthy living and working environments mean:
  • safe and meaningful everyday life;
  • a safety net and a sense of security; and
  • healthy, community-based premises.
Financial sustainability means:
  • high employment rates and demographic sustainability;
  • health and social care costs under control; and
  • economic growth in the wellbeing sector.
Wellbeing amidst the ongoing transformation of work means:
  • better ability to work and function;
  • longer careers; and
  • constant renewal of skills in health and social care sector.

Further information

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