Administration Unit

The Administration Unit

  • handles tasks related to the financial and general administration of the Ministry and its administrative sector, plans activities and conducts performance guidance
  • produces planning and monitoring documents in support of decision making
  • is responsible for preparation of the Budget and the Ministry’s action plan
  • is responsible for the Ministry’s payment transactions and accounting
  • is responsible for personnel administration and personnel development

Groups and personnel of the Unit

The Administration Unit has two groups. The Unit is headed by Director General Jaana Koski.

Administrative Services Group

  • coordinates projects to develop administration
  • organises the necessary support services for the Ministry’s management
  • is responsible for personnel administration and personnel development
  • coordinates proposals for badges of honour in the Ministry’s administrative sector  

 Director General Jaana Koski

Finance Group

  • is responsible for the administrative sector’s financial and action planning and for the reporting procedure
  • is responsible for the Accounting Unit’s payment transactions, bookkeeping and accounting
  • monitors appropriations and handles other tasks associated with account management
  • attends to tasks pertaining to the system of central government transfers to local government and the municipal economy
  • coordinates and develops travel administration and procurement
  • is responsible for coordinating performance guidance in the administrative sector   

Finance Director Mikko Staff