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Social security agreement to be concluded between Finland and Japan

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 23.9.2019 10.00
Press release 98/2019

Ms. Aino-Kaisa Pekonen, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, and Mr. Takashi Murata, Japan's Ambassador to Finland, have signed a social security agreement between Finland and Japan in Helsinki on 23 September.

The agreement would affect the social security of persons moving between Finland and Japan.

The agreement concerns Finland’s earnings-related pension system and Japanese employees' pension insurance. In addition, the agreement concerns Finnish unemployment insurance and Japanese employment insurance.

The social security agreement includes provisions that apply to posted employees. An employee posted from Finland to Japan by a Finnish company would be subject to Finnish legislation on earnings-related pensions and unemployment insurance for a maximum of five years. During this period, insurance contributions would be paid to Finland, and Japan would not collect compulsory premiums in accordance with Japanese legislation. In this way, double social insurance contributions would be avoided. This is important for the competitiveness of companies.

Under the agreement, pensions accrued under the law of a contracting state are paid to persons residing in the territory of the other contracting state.

The agreement contains legislative provisions which require the consent of the Parliament. This is why Parliament will consider the agreement before it can enter into force.


Marja-Terttu Mäkiranta, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Legal Affairs, tel. +358 295 163170, [email protected]

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