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Participants selected for the design competition for wellbeing applications

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
16.2.2018 10.00 | Published in English on 19.2.2018 at 8.59
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In all, eleven teams have been selected to take part in the design competition for wellbeing applications launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The competition seeks new health and wellbeing applications that can be integrated with the Kanta Personal Health Record (Kanta PHR).

At this stage of the design competition, the Ministry selected participants for the competition itself and its three categories:

A. the best application promoting citizens’ individual initiative, wellbeing and self-care (self-care does not include contact with a social and healthcare actor);

B. the best application promoting citizens’ self-treatment (self-treatment includes contact with a social and healthcare actor);

C. integration of wellbeing devices and ecosystems with Kanta PHR – the objective being to facilitate automatic transfer of wellbeing measurements as part of the Kanta PHR data content.

The Ministry evaluates the applications as part of its official duties. The 11 participants selected for the competition are divided so that category A has five teams, category B has three teams and category C has three teams. Each category will have its own winner. Thus, the competition will have altogether three winners.

The Ministry cannot yet publicise the names of the teams or their possible background organisations because the jury evaluates the final competition entries without knowing the composition of the teams.

Altogether 59 applications were received.

The applications had tackled the competition challenge in a variety of ways, and many types of wellbeing applications were proposed for the various aspects of wellbeing. Some of the participating teams had also come up with ideas for applications for more than one category or had entered the same application idea for more than one category.

The teams are to submit their final entries to the jury by 2 March 2018. The intention is to decide the winners of the competition categories in March 2018.


  • each team submitting a final entry will receive EUR 3,000
  • the winner of each category will receive EUR 10,000
  • thereafter, a direct procurement contract worth EUR 100,000 will be signed with these three winners. There is also an option to develop the idea further, worth EUR 200,000.

The Ministry launched the design competition on 23 November 2017.

Further information

Design competition for Kanta PHR wellbeing applications

Anna Kärkkäinen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tel. +358 2951 63702, [email protected]

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