Design competition for Kanta PHR wellbeing applications

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is launching a design competition for application developers. The objective of the competition is to find developers for new kinds of health and wellbeing applications that would improve citizens’ social and healthcare services and promote wellbeing. The applications must make use of Kanta PHR.

What is Kanta PHR?

Kanta PHR (My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record) is a national data repository in which citizens can enter information on their health and wellbeing. Health and wellbeing information refers to citizens’ measurement, lifestyle and activity data, for example number of daily steps, blood sugar level, blood pressure, weight and CPAP device usage values.

With the aid of Kanta PHR, citizens can therefore collect information about their own wellbeing and decide on its use in different contexts. Citizens may, for example, share information with the healthcare actor treating them.

Kanta PHR is part of the national social and healthcare information system services, namely Kanta services. Kanta services include a patient data archive, prescription centres, an information management service, a number of support services and the My Kanta pages, which provide citizens with a user interface with the information in Kanta services. Kanta PHR will open to Kanta services during 2017.

Information is saved in Kanta PHR with wellbeing applications. Information from various measuring devices can also be transmitted automatically from wellbeing applications to Kanta PHR. The Act on Electronic Processing of Client Data in Social and Health Care, which regulates Kanta services, is due to be amended so that a patient’s healthcare information, for example patient records and electronic prescriptions, can be utilised in wellbeing applications, if a citizen so desires.

Wellbeing applications will be developed in the municipalities’ joint Self-care and Digital Value Services (ODA) project and in the university hospitals’ joint Virtual Hospital 2.0 project. Applications developed in the design project should not overlap with the above projects; they should provide something that these projects lack, or complement the work of the projects in some way.

Purpose of the competition

The purpose of the competition is to extend the ecosystem formed around Kanta PHR and to produce new, innovative wellbeing applications that complement solutions produced by the abovementioned projects. The competition also seeks to find a solution to how Kanta PHR device interfaces can be implemented and how the ecosystems and devices of commercial operators (Fitbit, Apple Healthkit, Google Fit, Nokia/Withings etc.) could be integrated with Kanta PHR.

The competition seeks a solution in three different categories:

  • the best application promoting citizens’ individual initiative, wellbeing and self-care (self-care does not include contact with a social and healthcare actor)
  • the best application promoting citizens’ self-treatment (self-treatment includes contact with a social and healthcare actor)
  • integration of wellbeing devices and ecosystems with Kanta PHR – the objective being to facilitate automatic transfer of wellbeing measurements as part of Kanta PHR data content

Competition schedule

  • applications to the competition must be submitted by 18 December 2017
  • final competition proposals must be submitted by 17 January 2018
  • the schedule is described in more detail in the competition invitation

More detailed information about the competition:

Further information

Anna Kärkkäinen, Senior specialist 
STM, Sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon ohjausosasto / OHO, Digitalisaation ja tiedonhallinnan ryhmä DITI 0295163702