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Nationwide COVID-19 restrictions to be eased — biggest changes in areas in acceleration phase

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 10.5.2021 15.33 | Published in English on 10.5.2021 at 15.37
Press release

On 10 May 2021, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health made the decision to discontinue the nationwide tiers of COVID-19 prevention measures. Going forward, COVID-19 prevention in Finland will focus on regional restrictions and recommendations.

The Ministry of Social and Health has instructed all areas to discontinue the additional measures related to the tiers, such as the restrictions on gatherings with more than six people.

Although the tiers of prevention measures are discontinued, areas are instructed to continue to follow the recommendations and restrictions corresponding to the phase of the epidemic in each area. The action plan for implementing the Government’s hybrid strategy divides the epidemic into three phases: baseline, acceleration phase and community transmission phase.

The biggest changes in the measures will take place in areas where the epidemic is in the acceleration phase. In these areas, public premises, such as libraries and museums, could be reopened, outdoor group leisure activities could be allowed and public events could be organised with restrictions on the number of participants.

The competent authorities in each area will decide on the restrictions and recommendations based on both their own consideration and the existing legislation.

Restrictions must be lifted systematically

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health emphasises that it is necessary to adopt a systematic approach and to assess the situation in a broad and comprehensive manner when lifting the restrictions. 

To be able to dismantle the restrictions in a controlled manner, it is important for the regional authorities to draw up their own plans. When lifting the restrictions, it is imperative to take account of the principle of children and young people first and to continue to behave safely. 

Regional measures will play a key role in curbing the spread of infections and preventing the re-escalation of the epidemic. If the epidemiological situation worsens, it is crucial to respond quickly and proactively to it by introducing effective and epidemiologically appropriate measures.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is updating the action plan implementing the hybrid strategy

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has started updating the action plan implementing the hybrid strategy and the recommendations relating to the different phases of the epidemic. 

The recommendations will comply with the current action plan until the action plan has been updated. 


Satu Koskela, Director General
Pasi Pohjola, Director
[email protected]

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