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Outi Antila appointed as Director General of Kela

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 29.11.2019 11.30
Press release 149/2019

The President of the Republic has appointed Outi Antila as Director General of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela). She will take up the position on 1 January 2020, when the current Director General of Kela, Elli Aaltonen, will retire.

Antila has worked as Head of the Department for Insurance and Social Security at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health since 2010. In addition, she has previously served in managerial and supervisory duties of appeal boards. Antila has been a member of Kela’s Board since 2017. Antila holds the degree of Master of Laws with court training.

The Director General is responsible for the strategic planning and operational management and development of the Social Insurance Institution, the presentation of matters to the Board and the implementation of the Board's decisions. In addition, the Director General prepares the rules of procedure for decision by the Board. The President of the Republic appoints the Director General on the proposal of the Parliamentary Trustees of the Social Insurance Institution.

Kela takes care of the social security for people residing in Finland in their various life situations as well as for many Finns living abroad. The social security provided by Kela includes, for example, benefits for families with children, health insurance, rehabilitation, basic social security for the unemployed, basic social assistance, housing allowance, student financial aid, disability benefits and minimum pensions. Kela operates under the supervision of Parliament.

A total of 40 candidates applied for the post of Director General of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland.


Outi Antila, Director General, tel. +358 50 470 4269 (available on 29 November at 13–15)
Kirsi Varhila, Permanent Secretary, tel. +358 2951 63338, [email protected]

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