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Alcohol Act to be circulated for comments in coming weeks

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
29.9.2016 14.00
Press release 154

On Thursday 29 September, Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Juha Rehula briefed the Ministerial working group on wellbeing and health on the progress of the Alcohol Act's comprehensive reform.

The comprehensive reform of the Alcohol Act has been prepared during the summer and autumn in collaboration with different stakeholders. The draft proposal with its impact assessments is in its final stages, and it will be circulated for comments for a period of eight weeks in October-November. The Finnish Council of Regulatory Impact Analysis has announced that it will assess the proposal. The assessment process will take the council approximately four weeks.

Simultaneously with circulation for comments, a notification procedure for the Alcohol Act will be initiated, in which the European Commission and other Member States will assess whether the proposed legislation is compatible with EU law. In this respect, small breweries will pose a special challenge as they would be given the right to sell the products they produce that exceed the strength of alcoholic beverages sold in grocery stores and, thus, be given an exception to Alko's monopoly. The procedure will last no longer than six months, and the legislation may not be approved in Finland prior to completion of the procedure.

The entry into force of the Alcohol Act will be decided on during a parliamentary session.

Further information:

Director Kari Paaso, tel. +358 2951 63340
Special adviser to the Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Hanna-Maija Kause, tel. +358 2951 63109

Comprehensive reform of Alcohol Act

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