Strategy: Socially Sustainable Finland 2020

Socially sustainable Finland 2020: Strategy for social and health policySosiaali- ja terveyspolitiikan strategia Sosiaalisesti kestävä Suomi 2020 julkaistiin tammikuussa 2011.

The social and health policy strategy, Socially Sustainable Finland 2020, was published in January 2011.

A socially sustainable society

  • treats all citizens equally,
  • reinforces participation and a sense of community,
  • supports health and a disability-free life and
  • provides the security and services required by its members.

The goal of the strategy is to enhance social sustainability to the level of economic and ecological sustainability.

Three strategic choices

 The strategic choices are:

1. A strong foundation for welfare

  • Health and welfare in all policies
  • Longer working careers through wellbeing at work
  • Balancing the various areas of life
  • Sustainable social security financing 

2. Access to welfare for all

  • Reduce differentials in welfare and health
  • Customer-oriented services
  • New service structures and operating practices
  • Strong sense of social inclusion

3. A healthy and safe living environment

  • Strengthen the viability of the environment
  • Ensure that society can continue to function under exceptional circumstances

The goals of the strategy can only be achieved through cross-sectoral collaboration. Open preparations and active interaction lay the foundation for functioning cooperation.

The strategic choices steer work in practice

The strategic choices are visible in practice through various action programmes, projects and recommendations.

The strategy also supports operational and financial planning, drafting the budget and performance guidance and leadership in agencies within the administrative sector.

How is social sustainability measured?

A memorandum has been published to support the implementation of the strategy, examining the concept of social sustainability and its assessment.

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