Press releases

Further steps toward new disability policy
Press release 11.5.2006 10.40
Good inpact after year of health guarantees
Press release 31.3.2006 10.51
Finland prepares for influenza pandemic
Press release 15.3.2006 7.52
Guidelines due on balcony smoking
Press release 15.2.2006 8.00
Handbook issued on safe medical treatment
Press release 10.2.2006 10.30
New law on monitoring work health and safety
Press release 19.1.2006 12.50
Fathers urged to use their paternity leave
Press release 16.1.2006 13.00
Changes to the MSAH's administrative sector
Press release 29.12.2005 12.00
Finland to adopt part-time sick pay system
Press release 22.12.2005 13.00