Contact information

STM:n päätoimitilan julkisivu. Kuvassa korkean rakennuksen harmaata seinää ja ikkunoita. Kadulle on parkkeerattua autoja.Telephone: +358 295 16001
Postal address: PO Box 33, FI-00023 Government, Finland
Visiting address: Meritullinkatu 8, 00170 Helsinki
Telefax: +358 2951 63415 (registry)
Official email address: [email protected]
Email addresses: [email protected]
(N.B. no Scandinavian letters å, ä or ö)

Visiting address: Peltokatu 26, 33100 Tampere
Telephone: +358 295 16001
Email addresses: [email protected]
(N.B. no Scandinavian letters å, ä or ö)

Location of offices

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has offices in three different locations, Meritullinkatu 8 and Kirkkokatu 14 in Helsinki and a third office in Tampere.

The ministers and their staff, the management, Administration and Planning Department, Insurance Department, Department for Promotion of Welfare and Health and Department for Social and Health Services work at Meritullinkatu 8. The International Affairs Unit and Communications Unit also work at Meritullinkatu.

The Preparedness Unit, Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board and boards under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health are located at Kirkkokatu 14.

The Department for Work and Gender Equality (TTO) is located in Tampere.

E-invoice address of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

E-invoice address/OVT code: 00370244685800001
OpusCapita Solutions Oy operator code: E204503                   

Business ID: 0244685-8
VAT number: FI02446858

Media service contact information

Email address: viestinta.stm(at)

Personnel index

You can find contact information for the personnel of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in the Government contact index.

The index contains the contact details of all the agencies and public servants that a citizen has access to by telephone through the shared Government switchboard.

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