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Reduce sedentary time; get healthier – recommendations now available in English

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
22.9.2015 11.05
News item 47

The national recommendations to reduce the harmful effects of sedentary are now published online in English.

Although Finns exercise regularly, the majority of the population spends most of the day by sitting still. People are sitting in school and at work. A lot of the time at home is spent sitting as well.

Sitting or remaining stationary at length has negative impacts on cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. Therefore people of all ages are encouraged to avoid long periods of sitting, and to move more actively in everyday life.

It is easy to reduce the harmful effects of sedentary if you avoid sitting still for long, and instead walk or cycle short distances for example to and from work, and try to change positions during the day.

The new recommendations provide practical advice for reducing sitting in day care, schools, and workplaces and among the elderly in home care and other housing services for the elderly. The staff in the education and social and health care sector plays a central role when encouraging people to move more actively.

Reducing sedentary time also requires intersectoral collaboration in both municipalities and at the national level. Society should build an environment enabling and encouraging physical activity; this includes for example all public transport solutions.

Reduce Sedentary time – Get Healthier was first published in Finnish on 17 June.

Further information

Senior officer Mari Miettinen, STM, p. 02951 63333, [email protected]
Director Tommi Vasankari, UKK-institute, p. 03 2829 201, [email protected]

Link to the online publication

Reduce sedentary time – Get Healthier! National recommendations to reduce sedentary time

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