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Pirkko Mattila will become the new Minister of Social Affairs and Health

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 16.8.2016 11.05
News item

Hanna Mäntylä, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, is leaving her duties for personal reasons. Pirkko Mattila has been appointed as the new Minister of Social Affairs and Health.

Mattila is a second-term Member of Parliament representing the Finns Party. She holds a Master of Arts degree and is also a trained anaesthetic nurse and teacher. She has served as an MP since 2011.

Mattila will assume her ministerial duties next week.

Previously, she has worked as a nurse and, from 2007 to her election to Parliament, as a trainer at Oulu Adult Education Centre. Mattila has chaired the Administration Committee of Parliament since June 2012.  

Pirkko Mattila is a member of the municipal council in Muhos. She has served as the vice-chair of the council and as a member in the municipal technical committee. Mattila was born in Yli-Ii, close to Oulu.

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