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Ministers for health and social services: Tighter restrictions on food and beverage service businesses proposed

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 25.11.2021 15.21 | Published in English on 25.11.2021 at 15.40
Press release 370/2021

On 25 November, the Ministerial Working Group on Health and Social Services discussed the COVID-19 situation in Finland and the restrictions in place. The Ministerial Working Group proposes tighter restrictions on food and beverage service businesses. The Government will decide on the matter as soon as possible.

The Ministerial Working Group decided to propose that the tighter restrictions be introduced in areas in the community transmission phase:

  • Serving of alcoholic beverages in all food and beverage service businesses would end at 17.00. Such businesses could keep their premises open to food and beverage service customers from 05.00 to 18.00.
  • All restaurants using the COVID-19 passport would be exempt from the restrictions. 
  • Food and beverage service businesses that do not serve alcoholic beverages could be open from 05.00 to 01.00 without the use of the COVID-19 passport.
  • The restrictions would enter into force on Sunday 28 November at 00.00. 

Restaurants serving alcoholic beverages would be allowed to operate normally from 17.00 only by using the COVID-19 passport. However, fast food restaurants and cafés could be open without the COVID-19 passport, as they are now. 


Timo Lehtinen, Special Adviser to Minister Kiuru, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, [email protected]
Ismo Tuominen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health [email protected]

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