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Why is rational pharmacotherapy important?

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 16.1.2018 9.00
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Pharmacotherapy Day is in March. However, rational or sensible pharmacotherapy is important to us all regardless of the situation.

But why is it important? What actually is rational pharmacotherapy? And why are we talking about rational pharmacotherapy just now? Minister of Social Affairs and Health Pirkko Mattila, who is responsible for matters related to pharmaceuticals, answers all these questions on the video.

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What is rational pharmacotherapy?

"Rational pharmacotherapy is sensible pharmacotherapy. For example, it means that a patient takes the right medication at the right time and in the right way, is aware of the effects of the medicine and takes responsibility for his or her treatment.

Rational pharmacotherapy also means that medications are prescribed sensibly, delivered correctly and that the patient is given the required information about taking them.

As I am Minister of Social Affairs and Health, pharmaceuticals fall within my area of responsibility. I find it good that better implementation of pharmacotherapy has been highlighted and that the issue is promoted."

Why is rational pharmacotherapy important?

"In addition to curing illnesses, pharmaceuticals can also be used to alleviate their symptoms.

According to one study, one in three of all users of medications follow the instructions for the medications they have been prescribed, one in three do not follow the instructions and one in three do not use the medications at all. It is also possible that the patient has been prescribed overlapping medications, or has too many or too few medications.

Rational pharmacotherapy is important for all of us as only successful and sensible pharmacotherapy brings good treatment results. Appropriate pharmacotherapy helps patients maintain their functional capacity. At the same time, we can reduce the costs to both patients and society."

Why are we talking about pharmacotherapy just now?

"In accordance with Juha Sipilä's Government programme, the Government is carrying out an implementation programme for rational pharmacotherapy. The programme is aimed, for example, at improving people's functional capacity and creating the preconditions for cost-effective pharmacotherapy from the point of view of both patients and society.

This work is now reaching its final stages. An information campaign intended to inspire a national debate and a new attitude towards pharmacotherapy will be launched during the first half of this year, on Pharmacotherapy Day in March. The aim is to promote sensible pharmacotherapy and also to improve the quality of pharmaceutical treatments. It is also important to increase the appreciation of pharmacotherapy among the different parties involved.

It is important for us who use medications to know what medications we are taking, how we should use them, what their effects are and who we can contact if there are any problems.

Do you know all this about your medications?"

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