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Press release by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
COVID-19 epidemic monitored by a range of indicators

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
13.5.2020 10.06 | Published in English on 15.5.2020 at 16.30
Press release

The impact of Finland’s hybrid strategy in combating the COVID-19 epidemic is monitored by epidemiological, medical and functional indicators.

​Changes in the indicators are assessed on a weekly basis by a group within the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health that focuses on the situational picture and modelling of the epidemic. The data and the corresponding assessment will be published on the website of the Institute for Health and Welfare. The indicators will be updated as necessary.

 Epidemiological indicators include  

  • Weekly average of the incidence of new cases (cases per population of 100,000)
  • Estimated number of recovered patients 
  • Basic reproduction number 

Medical indicators include

  • Number of patients in hospital or intensive care  
  • Monthly projection of the number of new periods in hospital or intensive care   
  • Mortality and changes in the mortality rate (age distribution, case mortality, place of death)

Functional indicators include

  • Number of tests per population of 100,000 
  • Number of people with a positive test result of those suspected to carry the virus and tested (%) 

Monitoring provides both national and regional data

Some of the indicators will be used and monitored at a national level or according to catchment areas for highly specialised medical care, and some at a regional level, that is according to hospital districts or regions. 

In addition, appearance, place and time of local clusters will be monitored. The Institute for Health and Welfare will also be monitoring on a daily basis other indicators describing the state of the epidemic.  
The aim is to publish the first situational assessment on 15 May 2020.


Mika Salminen, Director, [email protected] and Taneli Puumalainen, Chief Physician, [email protected] (epidemiological questions), Institute for Health and Welfare
Kari Auranen, Professor,  [email protected] (projection models), Institute for Health and Welfare
Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki, Strategic Director, [email protected] (situational picture and modelling group), Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

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