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Draft resolution on mental health promotion published

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 22.3.2023 14.05 | Published in English on 24.3.2023 at 16.08
Press release
Poika kirjaston lattialla

The draft resolution provides an overview of the measures that ministries are planning, separately and jointly, to promote mental health in 2023–2027. The draft also contains latest research data on mental health and suicides in Finland. 

The draft resolution on mental health promotion supports the implementation of the National Mental Health Strategy and the Programme for Suicide Prevention that were published in 2020.

“The public discussion on mental health often focuses on problems. We should also remember that mental health is a positive resource. There is a lot of information available on methods that support mental health. In fact, a wide range of measures are taken not only in the healthcare sector but also in other sectors of society to promote mental health. This work is described in the draft resolution on mental health promotion,” say Research Professors Jaana Suvisaari and Timo Partonen from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. 

“Measures that promote mental health also prevent suicides. In recent decades, the number of suicides has reduced considerably in Finland. In fact, suicide rates have fallen by half since 1990. For this positive trend to continue, it is necessary to take active long-term measures in all sectors of society to prevent suicides. The most important thing is to identify the risk of suicide and address it at an early stage and this way prevent suicides,” says Senior Specialist Soile Ridanpää from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Feelings invoked by the environment and the role of the environment to be taken into account in mental health promotion

What is new in the draft resolution compared to the National Mental Health Strategy is that it highlights the importance of the climate and the environment in mental health promotion. It is most often young people who talk about the climate, but the issue affects people in all age groups in one way or another. The significance of nature and the environment for people’s mental wellbeing is further emphasised in the draft resolution. They are also highlighted in different ministries’ strategies and plans.

The draft resolution describes the measures for promoting mental health in 2023–2027, and the aim is that the draft will be used during the next government term. An official consultation round will be held later and the draft resolution will be updated to reflect the Government Programme. 


Soile Ridanpää, Senior Specialist, [email protected]

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