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Press release by Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Assessment of COVID-19 situation: Epidemic continues to slow

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
20.5.2020 17.40 | Published in English on 22.5.2020 at 12.24
Press release

The group monitoring the effectiveness of Finland’s hybrid strategy in combating the COVID-19 epidemic published its assessment of the current situation today.

Based on the epidemiological, medical and functional indicators, the COVID-19 epidemic has continued to slow compared to the previous two weeks. The weekly average of cases reported to the communicable diseases register has clearly fallen for more than a month.


The incidence of new cases has also declined in the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and the Länsi-Pohja Hospital District. Furthermore, the number of patients in hospital and intensive care continues to decrease. The basic reproduction number of the virus remains low. The restrictions will be eased in a careful and gradual manner. However, the epidemic may accelerate again if we do not follow the instructions on good hand and cough hygiene and maintain a safe distance from other people.


The situational picture and modelling group set up by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health monitors the effectiveness of the hybrid strategy for the COVID-19 epidemic by means of epidemiological, medical and functional indicators.


The group published its second assessment report today. The first one was published on Friday 15 May 2020.


Mika Salminen, Director, [email protected] and Taneli Puumalainen, Chief Physician, [email protected] (epidemiological questions)
Kari Auranen, Professor, [email protected] (projection models)
Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki, Strategic Director, [email protected] (situational picture and modelling group)


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