Under Finland's national screening programme, municipal health centres must arrange screening for the early detection of

  • breast cancer
  • cervical cancer
  • colorectal cancer
  • foetal chromosome and growth defects during pregnancy

Municipalities may carry out screening examinations themselves or purchase them from private service providers or non-profit corporations. Municipalities may also arrange other screening examinations for diagnostic purposes and early disease detection than those set out in the national screening programme.

Municipalities must provide their residents with sufficient information about the contents and effects of screening examinations.

Municipal residents are entitled to screening

Municipal residents are entitled to receive screening services. Participation is voluntary and free of charge.

The following groups are invited to screening:

Breast cancer screening

  • women aged between 50 and 69
  • every 20–26 months

Cervical cancer screening

  • women aged between 30 and 65
  • every five years

Colorectal cancer screening

  • in 2022, men and women aged 60, 62, 66, 66 and 68 
  • screening will be expanded by age group, and all 56–74-year-olds will be covered in 2031
  • every two years

Screening offered to pregnant women

  • at different stages of pregnancy
  • early pregnancy general ultrasound examination, early pregnancy combined screening, second trimester blood screening test, and structural ultrasound examination

More information

The Mass Screening Registry, a department of the Finnish Cancer Registry, is responsible for planning and evaluating the Finnish cancer screening programmes.

If you have any questions concerning your screening schedule or invitations to screening examinations, please contact the health services of your municipality of residence.

Contact your municipality of residence also if you are not satisfied with the service or treatment you have received.

Further information

Ritva Halila, Senior Medical Officer 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department for Communities and Functional Capacity / YTO, Children and Young People Unit / LANU 0295163420  

Silja Kosola, Senior Medical Officer 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department for Clients and Services in Healthcare and Social Welfare / APO, Service System Unit / PAL 0295163225