Gambling Policy Programme improves prevention and reduction of harm

The Gambling Policy Programme, prepared under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, sets guidelines for the prevention and reduction of harm caused by gambling up to 2030. It includes objectives and measures to reduce harm caused by gambling. The measures are directed at guiding the provision of gambling services in a uniform manner, ensuring a gambling system that prevents harm, promoting wellbeing, health and safety, and developing services. The programme will be implemented in cooperation with actors involved in the steering of gambling activities and in the prevention and reduction of related harms.

Gambling system that prevents harm effectively and services that function well

The Gambling Policy Programmes aims to ensure uniform and effective guidance of the gambling monopoly system to prevent harm by strengthening cooperation among authorities at different levels and by reviewing the system’s guidance structure. The gambling system will be developed by reinforcing the knowledge base, by deploying the opportunities built in the system to prevent harm and by curtailing access to gambling services outside the system. These measures aim to safeguard the operation of the monopoly system in a changing environment.

The quality and availability of services will be improved and healthcare and social welfare services will be better equipped to identify gambling problems and to raise the issue with clients. The Programme will reduce the stigma of gambling problems and influence attitudes towards gambling. In addition, it will prevent and reduce self-destructive behaviour associated with gambling disorders and help people avoid becoming over-indebted.

The Programme pays particular attention to digitalisation. It will help identify links between gambling and digital gaming and prevent and reduce gambling-related harms in digital environments. In addition, the Programme will assess the need to amend  harm-prevention and harm-reduction services and measures in a changing operating environment.

Further information

Mari Pajula, Senior Specialist 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department for Safety, Security and Health / TUTO, Wellbeing and Health Protection Unit / HYT 0295163040