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EU Digital COVID Certificates will be issued until 30 June 2023

23.6.2022 13.18
The EU has extended the regulation on the EU Digital COVID Certificate by one year until 30 June 2023. The regulation will ensure free movement in the EU even if the COVID-19 situation deteriorates in the future. All travellers should still check beforehand whether their country of destination requires the certificate upon arrival or for using services.

What is child welfare? 

26.4.2022  14.49

The objective of child welfare services is to guarantee children’s right to a safe growth environment, a balanced and well-rounded development and special protection. The best interest of the child is the primary consideration in all child welfare measures.

We have compiled information on the key concepts and practices related to child welfare on our Frequently asked questions page. 

The future of the century-old maternity clinic in wellbeing services counties

10.6.2022 11.05
Finland’s maternity clinic system celebrates its centenary this year. The system began in a renovated log cabin room of the Children’s Castle hospital in Helsinki.

Government adopts Report on Gender Equality Policy

9.6.2022 13.44
The Government adopted a Report on Gender Equality Policy on 9 June 2022. The Report outlines Finland’s national and international gender equality policy until the end of the 2020s.

Press release of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Finnish Institute of Occupational
Mental Health at Work Programme: permanent changes are needed in workplace attitudes and activities

1.6.2022 10.06
Better sooner rather than later
Proactive work to support mental health at workplaces plays an increasingly important role in promoting employment growth. What is essential is to make daily working life run smoothly and to take mental wellbeing into account in strategic decisions. Workplaces need to take action before work resources run out and employees become overburdened. The Mental Health at Work Programme provides workplaces with information, example cases, digital tools and a model for occupational healthcare cooperation.



The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health manages the preparation and implementation of Finland’s social welfare and health care policy, gender equality policy and occupational safety and health policy.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Administrative branch

Administrative branch

The administrative branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health includes several independent institutions and agencies.

Administrative branch


Hanna Sarkkinen
Hanna Sarkkinen
Minister of Social Affairs and Health
Aki Lindén
Aki Lindén
Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services
Thomas Blomqvist
Thomas Blomqvist
Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality
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