Reports on problems, choices and basic principles of Finnish social security system completed

17.1.2022 14.48
The Social Security Committee started its preparations for a social security reform by identifying problems in the current social security system and by describing its choices and basic principles. The results of this work are now published in five reports compiled by the committee’s five divisions. 

Social Security Committee to begin tackling the problem of complexity in social security

17.9.2020 15.38
Pasi Moisio
The Social Security Committee, which started work in spring 2020, will first determine which social security problems it will seek to solve. Before the summer holidays, the Committee outlined four sets of key social security problems: 1) the complexity of social security; 2) combining employment and social security; 3) minimum social security, basic social security and housing; and 4) coordination of services and benefits.

Pasi Moisio: Open knowledge base enables transparency of committee work and a research-based approach

5.6.2020 8.30
Pasi Moisio
In accordance with the principles of the Social Security Committee, all those involved in the Committee’s work must have at their disposal the same information about social security. This places the preparation and decision-making processes related to the reform on an equal footing. We want also other people to be able to monitor and assess the preparation and decision-making concerning the reform on the basis of the same information. This can only be achieved by means of a shared and open knowledge base.

Pasi Moisio: Parliamentary members of the Social Security Committee share views on social security problems

20.5.2020 9.43
Pasi Moisio
The Social Security Committee has started its work by mapping problems associated with social security. The Committee’s parliamentary members have been asked to provide their initial views on the main social security problems that the Committee should seek to solve. Thus, we are not trying to solve the problems yet, but to define the problems to be solved.

Pasi Moisio: The most important task of the Social Security Committee

7.5.2020 11.13
Kuvassa Pasi Moisio
The Social Security Committee has started its first and perhaps most important task: defining the problems to be solved by the social security reform.

Social security reform benefits from committee work

20.2.2020 10.36
Ministeri Pekonen ja tutkimusprofessori Moisio puolikuvissa kasvot kohti kameraa.
Committee work brings facts and contradictions into the open. Specifying different perspectives and values serves as a model even for other societal discussions.