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Women's and men's wage gap can be cut

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 9.8.2006 7.00
Press release -

A report issued by the Business Innovation Technology Research Centre of the Helsinki University of Technology in early August has found that the wage gap between women and men could be reduced through a number of clear measures.

These include a wages system based on the assessment of task and work performance. This would require that organisations pay close and constant attention to the parity of the structural equality and application procedures of the wages system. The report also finds that the impact on gender-based pay differentials from assessments of job demands and employee competence appear different in the municipal and industrial sectors.

The report examines how the processes supporting a wages system can be developed to improve gender equality in pay and get rid of groundless wage differentials. The study was carried out together with 10 organisations and focused on 13 wage systems based on work contracts in the industrial and municipal sectors.

Further information:
Ms Marja-Liisa Anttalainen, Special Research Officer, tel. +358 9 160 74080

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