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Welfare 2015 programme launched

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
10.5.2005 9.30
Press release -

The Ministry of Social Affairs and health is conducting a broad policy programme under the heading Welfare 2015. The programme is based on a government principle decision of 2003, when a national programme on the development of the social welfare sector was announced.

The main features of the Welfare 2015 programme were presented at a conference held 10 May in Helsinki. The programme is being developed by a number of working groups and will be finalised by September 2006.

Its main focus will be on the prevention of social problems through early intervention strategies. Public debate on these and on why not enough was done earlier to prevent the increase of problems affecting children is certain to pinpoint deficiencies in preventive work, which the programme will aim to tackle.

It will also deal with issues relating to population ageing and how the social welfare sector should respond, new challenges facing people in working life and approaches to problems to do with lifestyle trends.

Welfare 2015 is a central element in the social welfare development programme. Part of this is already being carried out in work to revamp services for people with disabilities.

Further information:
Deputy Director-General Reijo Väärälä, tel. +358 9 160 73773
Senior Officer Salme Kallinen-Kräkin tel. +358 9 160 74345

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