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Finland will join the system for electronic exchange of social security information in the EU/EEA area

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 9.12.2019 11.45
News item

The EU/EEA countries are moving towards electronic exchange of information concerning social security benefits for people moving from one country to another. To this end, the social security institutions will implement the so-called EESSI system (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information).

The objective of the EESSI system is to streamline the flow of information between the authorities responsible for social security and to speed up the implementation of citizens' social security rights. The system will be introduced gradually in the EU/EEA countries.

In Finland, the Finnish Workers’ Compensation Centre (TVK) has introduced the EESSI system. With regard to compensation for accidents at work and occupational diseases, the Workers’ Compensation Centre joined the electronic exchange of information at the beginning of December 2019. Later, the system will also be introduced in other areas of social security.

Benefit processes between countries will become smoother

Electronic exchange of information speeds up the processing and payment of social security benefits. It also ensures the secure processing of data.

The EESSI system contains similar electronic messages in all EU languages for handling social security benefits. This ensures that information is processed in a uniform manner and in accordance with commonly agreed practices.

Around 15,000 social security enforcement organisations in 32 countries will gradually switch to the electronic system that replaces the current exchange of information on paper. In practice, both paper forms and the electronic system must be maintained alongside each other until all the participating countries have adopted EESSI.  


Marja-Terttu Mäkiranta, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Legal Affairs, tel. +358 295 163 170, [email protected]

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