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Finland to receive batch of surgical masks purchased by European Commission

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 13.5.2020 13.49 | Published in English on 13.5.2020 at 14.02
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The European Commission has purchased surgical masks for European Union Member States through the new Emergency Support Instrument (ESI).

The Commission has purchased a total of 10 million surgical masks for use by Member States. The masks will be distributed to Member States, for example, on the basis of the number of hospitalised COVID-19 patients. The first delivery of masks that arrived in the EU consists of 1.5 million masks. The delivery is part of a Commission funded purchase and is not a joint procurement by Member States. The masks are funded solely by the Commission. Of this first delivery, Finland has received a batch of 10,000 masks, which arrived on 13 May 2020. The masks will be delivered to the Logistics Centre of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS).

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Inquiries: Lasse Ilkka, Senior Specialist, [email protected]

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