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Strength and balance for people to cope in old age

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
17.3.2005 6.45
Press release -

A new health fitness programme for older people is being run with support from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Started in 2004, the five-year programme is receiving funding from the Finnish Slot Machine Association.

The nationwide programme aims to support the functional capacity of older people living at home and their ability to manage independently. It focuses on exercises to help people improve their ability to balance and to strengthen their leg muscles, and it is especially aimed to help people whose ability to be active has diminished because of their taking less exercise. As such, it is intended to boost older people’s independent mobility and prevent the need for institutional care.

Based on scientific findings about the benefits of the right exercise in old age, and abundant research proving that strength and balance can be retained and regained by older people, it aims to improve their quality of life.

It also seeks to improve activities between social and healthcare services, rehabilitation and physical exercise personnel, so-called third sector parties and older people and their families in providing assistance and guidance in performing strength and balance exercise.

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