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Social security incentives for entrepreneurs

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
9.8.2005 10.00
Press release -

An MSAH working group has tabled proposals to improve the social security of entrepreneurs, particularly small business owners.

The proposals contain a range of measures that would upgrade occupational healthcare, sickness insurance and unemployment security for family members. The working group presented its recommendations to the Minister of Social Affairs and Health Sinikka Mönkäre, early August.

The proposals include measures to enable arrangements for medical treatment as part of the voluntary occupational healthcare system for business owners and farmers. The aim is to encourage them to join occupational healthcare schemes. The proposals also suggest bridging unemployment benefit schemes with entrepreneurial work, instead of the current system which requires that suck work either ceases before any entitlement to benefit is allowed.

A main aim of the proposals is to set better conditions for people to become entrepreneurs and increase the numbers of start-up businesses in Finland.

Further information:

Tarmo Pukkila, Director-General, Insurance Department, tel. +358 9 160 73864

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