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Social cohesion must be strengthened in the midst of the financial crisis

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
25.2.2009 10.54
Press release -

The Council of Europe Conference of Ministers Responsible for Social Cohesion will be arranged in Moscow on 26–27 February. Finland will be represented by the Minister of Social Affairs and Health Liisa Hyssälä. The theme of the conference is social cohesion. The ministers will discuss, among others, how social cohesion can be strengthened in the changed economic situation.

In her address on Friday 27 February, Minister Hyssälä will tell about the Finnish social protection reform and emphasise that comprehensive and effective social protection promotes social cohesion. Minister Hyssälä is going to stress that the social protection system must be developed continuously in the face of new challenges, such as the financial crisis and demographic change. She calls on the member states to maintain the quality of social and health care services and allocate resources to prevention and health promotion irrespective of the financial situation.

For further information contact:
Marja Tallavaara, Special Adviser, tel. 040 501 288
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Viveca Arrhenius, Ministerial Adviser, tel. 050 561 3833

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