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Social and health review spotlights risks amidst general improvements

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
31.3.2006 10.00
Press release -

Efforts to narrow health disparities within the population are the special focus of the MSAH’s four-yearly social affairs and health review. The review, which was submitted to parliament 31 March, also stresses the need to prevent exclusion. The improvement of the situation of lesser educated and socially at risk sections of the population is crucial to the overall health and welfare of the population, the report finds.

Finns are generally healthier and manage better than four years ago, according to the review. Working conditions have improved and people are retiring later in life than ever before. But there are tough challenge and burgeoning problems. Chronic illnesses, especially allergies, type two diabetes and alcohol-related diseases are on the increase.

Social welfare has also improved but has become more polarised. Long-term unemployment, homelessness and substance abuse are persistent problems. The review also expresses concern about the growing needs for child welfare services and staff shortages in the social and health sectors.

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