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Social and health policy strategies for 2015

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 20.6.2006 9.00
Press release -

The MSAH’s newly-published social affairs and health policy strategies for 2015 plot the course of social policy development and envisage generally good results amidst much change.

In essence the strategies seek to maintain the universality of the social welfare and health system while adapting to new trends. The aim is to maintain a strong welfare model amidst the demands posed by demographic change and the impacts of globalization.

The strategies underscore the recent course of concerns within the social policy and employment sectors, which have focused much attention on upgrading work attraction, extending employment careers at both ends of the age spectrum and improving people’s health and working capacity. At the same time much emphasis has been placed on improving the quality and availability of social and health services, cutting waiting lists for access to healthcare, revamping child and family policy as well as care for older residents.

These reforms aim to create a situation so that by 2015 Finnish society is sustainable, works efficiently and effectively and is dynamic. The ministry’s prognosis is that although social spending will initially increase more rapidly than at present, the situation will change by the end of the decade. By then the employment rate will be increasing, people retiring later, people’s working capacity improving, social exclusion declining and a stronger economy restraining the growth of social spending.

Further information: Mr Klaus Halla, Director of Development, tel. +358 9 160 73839

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