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Report reveals development needs of maternity and child welfare clinics

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
4.1.2006 8.00
Press release -

The quality of maternity child welfare clinics varies greatly, according to a MSAH study published this January. The report is based on questionnaire data compiled in 2004.

The report finds that the management, staff resources and the content of activities carried out by welfare clinics is not of uniform quality. Staff shortages are a major reason for this.

Though most health centres, the report finds, had worked out responsibility for maternity and child welfare clinic duties this was not properly implemented. A third of health centres did not have leading or head nurses in charge of welfare clinics.

The study maps the development needs for maternity and child welfare clinics, which are being upgraded as part of the government’s family policy.

Further information: Ms Marjaana Pelkonen, Senior Officer, tel. +358 9 160 74036

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