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OECD family policy proposals

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
27.5.2005 8.30
Press release -

A new OECD report on the harmonisation of working and family life in Canada, Finland, Sweden and England offers a series of recommendations to improve family policy.

Titled Babies and Bosses, the report states that efforts to better reconcile family and working life would improve gender equality and boost employment. In Finland, 66 percent of women are employed in salaried jobs, above the OECD average of 55 percent, and over 90 percent of women in employment have full time jobs.

The report contains specific proposals for each country surveyed. Its recommendations for Finland cover the system of the child day-care allowance and family day-care services, broadening the afternoon day-care entitlement and promoting part-time work entitlement to allow for the care of children under school age.

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