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New law on monitoring work health and safety

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
19.1.2006 12.50
Press release -

A new law to strengthen official monitoring of occupational health and safety came into effect from the beginning of February. The law also increases the possibilities for both employers and employees to influence occupational heal and safety monitoring through joint activities.

Under the law, workplace health and safety inspections can be made as often and as thoroughly as inspectors think necessary. The package of legislation also contains 12 supplementary changes to the law designed to improve health and safety monitoring.

The MSAH has produced a brochure explaining the changes in to legislation and how workplace health and safety monitoring can be improved.

Further information:
Mr Leo Suomaa, Director, tel. +358 9 160 73102 and Mr Antti Posio, Senior Office, Legal Affairs, tel. +358 9 160 72420 or +358 50 4101851

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