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Government presents bill on e-prescriptions

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 2.11.2006 7.50
Press release 415/2006

The government has agreed on legislation concerning the use of electronic medical prescriptions. The draft bill was put to parliament 3 November. The bill sets out the conditions that have to be observed in the use of e-prescriptions.

Under the new system, prescriptions will be drawn up electronically and transferred to the data network of the national prescription centre. They will then be accessed by pharmacies in issuing patients with prescription medicines. The difference with the present system of using paper prescriptions is that doctors and dentists will store prescriptions electronically with the national prescription centre and not issue patients with paper prescriptions unless they want.

If patients opt to use the new system, they will be able to check on the validity and content of their prescriptions at any pharmacy without having to use paper copies. The prescription centre and archive will be maintained by the National Insurance Institution.

Further information: Mr Pekka Järvinen, Senior Officer, Legal Affairs, tel. +358 9 160 73800

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