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Good results from early intervention in high-risk alcohol use

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
3.5.2007 7.30
Press release -

Small-scale interventions to give counselling to people whose drinking is considered high-risk and to monitor their drinking levels have proven to be good ways the cut problem drinking. A mini-intervention info pack distributed in May to 5,000 professionals around the country for use in healthcare contains information and guides for measuring and monitoring alcohol use.

The mini-intervention approach is actively used in numerous municipalities. In the past year it has also been used in training some 3,000 healthcare personnel in Helsinki to spot problem drinking and offer advice on how to tackle it.

The mini-intervention practice in healthcare has been furthered by a three-year national project, which began in 2004, coordinated by the MSAH. This has produced a range of methods and training schemes for recognising high-risk alcohol consumption and providing counselling.

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