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Finland in OECD pension review

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
12.5.2005 13.10
Press release -

Finnish pension security is average for OECD countries, according to a 30-country survey released by the organisation at the beginning of May. The new biannual report, Pensions at a Glance, provides a fact-packed overview of pension systems in OECD countries.

The report assesses Finland’s occupational and state pension arrangements, and in that context the impact of income taxation on future levels of pension compensation.

The report takes a new approach by taking into account life expectancy, retirement ages and forecast pension benefits, enabling OECD governments for the first time to directly compare the effects of their pension promises.

Projections on Finland’s life expectancy rate and its impact on pensions according to new legislation on occupational pensions were not included in the report, and were subject to an update, which can be read on the OECD website.

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