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EU High-level Group on Gender Equality convenes in Helsinki

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 26.9.2006 12.15
Press release -

The High-level Group on Gender Equality of the EU prepared in regard to gender equality the Spring Summit 2007 and discussed gender equality issues to be taken up during Finland’s Presidency. The Group convened on Tuesday 26 September in Helsinki.

The High-level Group on Gender Equality is chaired by the European Commission. The Group consists of managerial-level civil servants working on gender equality issues from each member state. The group convenes at least once a year, i.e. once under each EU Presidency.

One of the tasks of the Group is to prepare the EU’s gender equality policy. It also evaluates and monitors changes in member states’ and EU’s gender equality policies and promotes the taking into account of gender equality in different policy sectors. The Group deals with vital and topical EU issues. Its main task is to assist the Commission in drafting the annual report to be presented to the Summit.

For further information contact: Director Tarja Heinilä-Hannikainen tel. +358 9 160 74494 or Senior Officer Antti Närhinen tel. +358 9 160 73175.

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