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Early intervention needed in mental health problems

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 9.12.2004 7.00
Press release -

Depression was a major cause of people going on work disability pensions in the 1990s despite the fact that the overall numbers of people on such pensions declined.

A new report on mental ill health as cause of work disability, published by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, 9 December, identifies a number of steps needed to be taken in workplaces and among occupational health and safety authorities to improve awareness of mental health issues.

The report suggests that early intervention should be used to help people with depression and should play a role in decision-making. Occupational healthcare should be better acquainted with the processes under which people end up on work disability pensions. The report also recommends that workplace health and safety personnel should also adopt practices for assessing the health and work burden of employees and should develop recognition in workplaces of bullying, discrimination and the unjust treatment of staff.

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