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Child day care situation in 2005 surveyed

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 17.5.2006 8.00
Press release -

According to survey research conducted by the MSAH, its research wind STAKES and the Ministry of Education, the staffing situation for child day care in 2005 was sufficient.

The ratio of children to day acre staff was generally good or very good in some 78% of municipalities. The same was true of family day care in 575 of municipalities and of family group day care in 71% of municipalities. The main reasons for staff shortages where they occurred were due to varying day care needs, such as irregular working hours by parents, the need for short-term placing or long care hours.

The survey revealed that although the staffing situation is generally good in the majority of municipalities, there is a need for more support services to fill gaps in the system that affect the situation of a minority of children.

Further information: Ms Tarja Kahiluoto, Senior Officer +358 9 160 73227

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