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Changes to wholesale drug pricing and nicotine replacement availability

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
25.8.2005 10.58
Press release -

The government has agreed changes to legislation on medicines that cover pricing and the availability of nicotine replacement therapy. The government agreed the amendments 25 August and the President put them to Parliament the following day.

The amendment will mean that drug companies will have to sell their products to pharmacies at the same price. Special reductions and other benefits incurred when a pharmacy buys from a drug company will have to be targeted so they immediately affect the minimum price of the product bought wholesale. The move does not affect the retail prices paid by consumers.

Nicotine replacement therapy, usually available in the form of chewing gum, will be made more widely available. In future NRT will be available from grocery stores, kiosks and petrol station shops for people aged 18 or over. There is no fixed price control for NRT products.

Further information:
Senior Medical Officer Terhi Hermanson, +358 9 160 73901

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