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Changes to residence based social welfare entitlements

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 10.5.2004 7.30
Press release -

Social protection legislation relating to residence based rights to welfare have been reformed in line with requirements for freer movement in the EU-ETA area.

The changes to the law concern legislation on state pensions, family pensions, child allowances, maternity benefits, disability allowances and child care support. The reform does not cover unemployment and sickness benefits, which still require recipients to be resident in Finland.

Entitlement to the benefits covered by the reform has usually meant that applicants have to live in Finland. The aim of the reform is to clarify the situation of people moving to and from Finland for relatively short periods. Employees and business people will be entitled to residence based social security if their work in Finland lasts for a minimum of four months continuously.

The changes to legislation will come in effect from the beginning of 2005, though the regulations concerning employees and business people will take effect already this July.

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