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Alcohol and the workplace - reassessment needed

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 8.3.2005 8.00
Press release -

The days of the wet lunch and drunkenness induced accidents at work may be over, thanks to effective occupational safety and changed workplace environments. But alcohol problems still have an impact in the workplace.

The number of work disability pensions granted due to alcohol-related diseases has outpaced even the rise in alcohol consumption.

A conference held in Tampere in early Match to look at ‘Alcohol and stress in working life’ debated the factors in working life that lead to alcohol abuse and how alcohol problems can be prevented at an early stage.

The conference looked at changes to working life, including the increase in distance work and irregular working times, coping with work stress and the use of alcohol in work-related social functions. It also discussed the need for preventive measures on alcohol abuse as a normal part of maintaining working capacity.

The conference was held as part of the government’s ‘Veto’ work attraction and 2004-2007 alcohol programmes.

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