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Age counts - employment harder after 56

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
26.3.2007 10.00
Press release 104/2007

The labour market situation of people in their fifties appears to be stable. Over the last two years employment among 50-54 year-olds has on average remained at 95% and 88% among 55-59 year-olds. The levels of people remaining in work and of employment start to drop be-tween the ages of 56-57.

These are among the findings of a new study conducted for the MSAH-led ‘Veto’ work at-traction programme. The study, titled Predictive Factors in People in their Fifties Continuing in Work, was made by senior researcher Anita Haataja of the State.

The study looks at attitudes to working hours, trends among women and men in remaining in employment and the influence of people’s level of education in their remaining longer in em-ployment.

Men were found to be slightly more likely to remain in employment longer in their fifties than women. Higher educational levels were seen to benefit women more than men in terms of longer careers, due in part to the different positions of women and men in the labour market.

Further information: Ismo Suksi, Project Manager, Veto Programme 2003-2007, tel.+358 9 160 73134

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