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Action plan seeks sustained focus on child needs

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
12.5.2005 8.45
Press release -

The Finnish Committee on the Rights of the Child has drawn up a sustained action plan for speeding up efforts to improve the living conditions and rights of children. Titled ‘A Finland Fit for Children’, the programme was submitted to the minister responsible for social services Liisa Hyssälä in early May.

The plan stresses multi-sector involvement in developing child welfare and the scrutiny of all decisions by public authorities to assess their impact on children’s lives. It also outlines the need for support networks to boost services for families with children. The plan sets out proposals to improve the workplace personnel policies so as to make them more supportive of family life and parenting.

In addition, the plan proposes a coordinated communications strategy to ensure that children and parents are better informed about the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Riitta Viitala, Project Manager, Stakes tel. 358 9 39 67 2111
Kari Ilmonen, Ministerial Adviser tel. +358 9 160 74393

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