Job seekers have basic income security to cover periods of unemployment and to assist with seeking work in the form of unemployment allowance, which is paid as a flat rate daily allowance or an earnings related allowance.

The MSAH is responsible for preparing legislation concerning unemployment allowances. The ministry's current strategy on social and health policy emphasizes

  • basic security comes about through an adequate income and standard of living for all
  • the income all those in more vulnerable positions will be strengthened
  • basic security and earnings security must support the improvement of people's life situation
  • a reasonable level of consumption will be assured through earnings security
  • finding ways to improve the harmonization of earnings and social protection with the aim of raising employment
  • cutting the red-tape associated with applying for income security benefits and ensuring the efficient functioning of unemployment benefits and income support

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Who is eligible for unemployment benefits?

Unemployed jobseekers may receive a flat rate daily allowance from the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) or an earnings related unemployment allowance by being a member of an unemployment fund.

Earnings-related unemployment allowance is available to people who belong to an unemployment fund and can be paid for up to 500 days. Membership of an unemployment fund is voluntary.

Eligibility is for unemployment people between the ages of 17 and 64, resident in Finland, who are actively looking and of sufficient functional capacity for work.

Rehabilitative employment

Rehabilitative employment is used to improve the employment capabilities of people who have been long-term unemployed.