Alcohol policy aims to reduce use and harm

The following measures play a key role in Finnish alcohol policy implementation:

  • establishing early intervention as a permanent working model in primary health care and occupational health care
  • increasing the tax on alcohol and tobacco
  • reducing the use of alcohol by parents and the harm to children resulting from alcohol use by purposeful policy on substance use
  • ensuring the treatment of pregnant women who have substance use problems
  • ensuring sufficient support services for children  whose parents have substance problems

Based on research the harm caused by alcohol could be more effectively reduced by:

  • increasing the tax on alcohol
  • limiting alcohol advertising
  • monopolising the retail sale of alcohol
  • restricting the times when alcohol can be sold
  • improving the effectiveness of work to stop drink-driving
  • making social and health care procedures more effective

In addition to the MSAH, the National Institute for Health and Welfare coordinates the implementation of the Alcohol Programme, and the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health oversees compliance with legislation on alcohol. Alko, the state owned limited company  is also administered and supervised by MSAH.