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Social service needs' timeframe for older residents

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 16.2.2006 12.00
Press release -

The beginning of March sees the start of comprehensive social service needs assessments for residents who turn 80. The assessments concern non-emergency services and now have to be made within seven days of social service offices being contacted by residents, their relations or an official.

The measure does not seek to upgrade the standards of services, but to clarify and standardise practices. Many municipalities already carry out service needs assessment. The aim of the new law is to ensure deadlines are in place and that assessments are available everywhere.

Residents have to receive a written decision informing them of the result of their needs assessment. If the assessment is in favour of granting services, the client will then receive a care and service plan. Clients may lodge appeals if their request for services is turned down.

Further information:
Ms Anne-Marie Brisson, Senior Officer, Legal Affairs, tel. +358 9 160 74355

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